Open Source Code Signing in the Cloud

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Are you developing software under Open Source license? Secure your programs with Open Source Code Signing Certificate!

Thanks to the certificate, you will provide your program with:

  • Integrity
  • Trust and higher reputation in browsers


From today, sign without a reader or a card!

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Who can use Open Source Code Signing Certificate?

  • programmers and software developers working under Open Source licenses.

What is Open Source Code Signing Certificate?

The certificate allows software developers working under the Open Developer license to digitally sign the original code, and recipients to verify the integrity of the data. Using the certificate allows you to secure many file formats having, among others, the following extensions: .exe, .docm, .pptm, .xpi, .jar, war, .ear, .dll, .ocx, .cab, .msi, .sys files, .cat, .msp, .xpi, ocx, ect and is supported by platforms: Microsoft, Office, Firefox, Adobe, Java ect.

Note: Please be advised that for Code Signing in the Cloud products, there is a limit of 5000 signings per month per certificate. Exceeding this limit may result in reaching out to you to inform about the exceedance and potential product blockage in the month the limit is surpassed. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to the specified limitations.