EV Code Signing in the Cloud

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Are you a software publisher, programmer or a developer who creates a code? Are you making your programs available for download online? Secure your codes, programs and applications with the EV Code Signing Certificate in the cloud!

  • Integrity
  • Trust and immediate reputation in browsers
  • Elimination of the “Unknown Publisher” message
  • Elimination of the Microsoft SmartScreen filter!


SimplySign cloud-based solution eliminates the need for a physical card and a reader


EV Code Signing Certificate is a tool that allows software authors to digitally sign their code/program/application. The certificate meets all Microsoft requirements, including the immediate elimination of the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter warning message.

By securing your software with a Certum EV Code Signing Certificate, you can protect your products from unauthorized access and theft as well as minimize the risk of warning messages from SmartScreen ® Application Reputation.

With the Certum EV Code Signing Certificate in the cloud, people downloading and installing applications from the Internet:

  • Will not see warnings about “Unknown Publisher” and “Unsafe Software”.
  • Will gain confidence that the software comes from a trusted source.
  • Will receive a guarantee that the downloaded program is not infected by dangerous viruses.
  • Will not see the Microsoft Smart Screen, which you will effectively eliminate by signing the software.


Note: Please be advised that for Code Signing in the Cloud products, there is a limit of 5000 signings per month per certificate. Exceeding this limit may result in reaching out to you to inform about the exceedance and potential product blockage in the month the limit is surpassed. We appreciate your understanding and adherence to the specified limitations.

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